Welcome to a new
way of working.

We’re a workspace created for individuals, communities and businesses in mind. Welcome Building® is here to bring about a smarter, more sustainable way of working in the heart of our favourite city, Bristol.
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Welcome Work

Smarter flexible spaces for
every way of working.
Welcome Building ® offers the city’s largest floor-plates with 207,000 sq ft of voluminous and adaptable space.

So whatever the scale of your business, we’ll cater to the changing patterns of working life – whether that’s with open collaboration or individual focus.
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Welcome Planet

Reaching higher
for sustainability.
We’ll be one of Bristol’s first all-electric buildings, part of a new wave that no longer relies on fossil fuels to operate. Through design efficiencies and offsetting strategies, we also aim to run at net zero in carbon, each and every day.

From our green roofs to the materials we use – even to how we heat our water, Welcome Building® will target the highest levels of sustainability, demonstrating that our workspace can match the ambitions of the organisations we’ll nurture inside.
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Welcome Bristol

Creating local connections
with new talent and business.
Welcome Building® is sat within Temple Quay, the established commercial area for Bristol. Home to large businesses and soon-to-be new university campuses, it combines business innovation with creative culture.

We’re also a 4-minute walk over the bridge to Bristol Temple Meads – the south-west’s major transport hub that brings over 60,000 people passing through daily from all around the country.
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Welcome News

Discover what we and
the city have been up to.
Find out the latest news from Welcome Building® both on-site and 
around our surrounding community.
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Welcome Partners

Want to know more?
Discover more about the team who are bringing Welcome Building® to life.
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